Visit Kaliso and treat yourself to some "me time"!

We offer a range of therapies including manicure, pedicure, depilations, massages, facials, diets and slimming treatments that make you shine…

We aim for result, 100 percent! To achieve this level of satisfaction, we use the professional quality products RainPharma and Studio Mino has to offer.

Our years of experience, knowhow and continuous training enable us to advize you in the best possible way and to guarantee quality services.

About us

Lieve é Ilse  are the leading ladies at Kaliso, each with their own specializations.

'We are lucky enough to have made our passion our work. Professional caring, perfectionism and discretion are key to us.'

Lieve, mother of Ilse is a nurse, nutrition expert and registered chiropodist.

Ilse is a certified beauty specialist. She engages in manicure, facials, depilation, massage and make-up advice.

Apart from her training as a healthcare professional, Sofie is also specialized in pedicure, depilation and massage.

Jeroen is a professional massage therapist