Gift Set Premium Hand Series 2x250ml (green + orange) (Code: 3379-971)


Invigorating Hand Polish 
Put your hands in good hands with this premium invigorating wash gel – the perfect complement to your daily hand soap. Jojoba scrubbing particles leave hands silky soft, without irritating the skin. The plant-based formula is free from aggressive preservatives and synthetic foaming agents for a purely pampering treatment. Even better, the intense scent of sage and rosemary will carry you away! The anti-bacterial effect of sage is well known, while rosemary is invigorating and refreshing. You can be sure that we use only natural, plant-based ingredients in this wash gel. Not only are they kind to your skin, they are also kind to the earth.

 Cleansing Hand Smoothie 
Give your hands a helping hand and treat them to a refreshing smoothie. This premium hand cleanser contains oils of carrot, orange and other plants that have a soothing effect on skin. Massage well into dry hands, then rinse with water. Massage into dry skin, then rinse well. This deep-cleaning smoothie is extra mild, with no foaming agents and no aggressive preservatives. You may find yourself becoming addicted to the scent of sage and lemongrass! Sage is known for its anti-bacterial properties, while lemongrass rejuvenates and soothes inflammation. And of course, all of the ingredients in this hand cleanser are purely plant-based and natural.

Manufacturer: RainPharma
Price: EUR 64,95
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