Mineral loose eyeshadow Soft Pink (Code: SMMSESP)


Our mineral eye shadow is natural, which means that it does not contain bad substances such as preservatives, chemicals, synthetic dyes and man-made minerals such as Bismuth oxychloride.

The eyeshadow is available in a range of beautiful colors that suit every skin, eye and hair color!

Our Mineral Eyeshadow offers a variety of opacity options: from light, skin color and darker to contour to shimmering, sparkling and transparent tones that add subtle or dramatic accents.

They are soft enough to give a natural look & feel.

The advantages of our mineral eyeshadow make-up:

Vivid, luxurious colors
The purity of the pigments offers excellent eyeshadow that lasts for a long time
Can be used as an eyeliner
In the case of rosacea, redness or acne, our mineral eye shadow can completely cover the skin of the eyelids so that it is not visible.
Easy to remove because they are in powder form.
Suitable for sensitive eyes.

Manufacturer: Studio Mino
Price: EUR 22,00
Incl. 21 % TAX plus shipping
Weight: 0,002 Kg