Golden Box - Prebiotic Skin Lotion 250ml (Code: 3734-464)


This pre-biotic lotion is the ultimate in plant-based skincare. Just wait: you will notice the difference immediately. Only the very best ingredients were good enough for us to incorporate into this precious formula. 

First we comprised the perfect blend of purely natural oils and butters: shea butter, monoi butter, cocoa butter, rose hip oil, jojoba oil, buckthorn oil, argan oil, evening primrose oil and wheat germ oil. Then we added a clever mix of natural ingredients such as essential fatty acids, alpha glucans, polysaccharides and extracts of beet, mushroom and reeds to create a lotion that cares for the skin, protects and calms it and leaves it silky-soft. But Mother Nature has even more up her sleeve! 

A good shower is the ultimate relaxing experience. With a plant-based shower gel you can make sure that your skin also enjoys this daily ritual. This shower gel without soap or detergents cleanses your skin without drying it out. The fully plant-based biodegradable formula foams much less than synthetic varieties, which is a good thing. Foam is great for blowing bubbles, but not for cleansing an important organ like your skin.

PrebioticSkin Lotion 250ml + Skin Wash Lemongrass 60ml 

Manufacturer: RainPharma
Price: EUR 61,00
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