Hand-Some-Hands - A Zest Of Happiness 2 x 300ml (Code: CG7)


1x Hand Wash 300ml + 1x Hand Balm 300ml 

Take home two cult products with this must-have black and white duo by RainPharma. This mild hand wash and lovely hand cream are not only good for your hands, but they also look great in the bathroom, kitchen or the smallest room of the house.

This aromatic wash gel is formulated using ingredients derived from natural sources only and is completely free from aggressive preservatives or irritating foaming agents such as sodium laureth sulfate. Gentle for your skin, gentle for the environment. What’s more, the unique blend of pure essential oils will delight your senses.

RainPharma Hand Lotion is a classic in our range and an essential fixture next to your sink. The new and improved formula of this 100% plant-based hand lotion provides your skin with the nourishment it needs, anytime it is needed.We have carefully selected a blend of plant oils and waxes that will nourish your skin and help restore its natural balance. With its light texture, this soothing and rejuvenating lotion spreads easily and leaves no sticky residue on your hands.

This gift set is availablein 3 natural scents based on flowers, plants, trees and herbs.


  • A Zest Of Happiness: a fresh, citrusy scent containing essential oils of orange, mandarin orange and lemon.

Original, hand-painted Chinese ink drawings identify individual scents.

Manufacturer: RainPharma
Price: EUR 39,95
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