Get a pedicure and you are walking on clouds again!

 Having your feet taken care of on a regular basis is indispensable. We use our feet to walk, run, dance, … They carry our body around and take us everywhere we need to be. After a good pedicure, you can enjoy your soft and well-groomed feet every day.

 Get your feet taken care of preventively! That way you don't get confronted with the discomforts and problems of sore feet.

 Basic pedicure* (without paraffine):

Desinfection of the feet;

Clipping and filing nails;

Cleaning nails and nail walls;

Removing calluses

Finishing off with a caring foot lotion.

Luxury pedicure Paraffine* (with paraffine):

Do you want to spoil your feet some more?Than we would like to offer you a luxury pedicure. In this treatment, we apply an extra layer of parrafine in order to relax your skin and joints even more.

Luxury pedicure Heavy Legs* (with cooling gel to ease heavy or swollen legs)

This luxury pedicure is the ultimate care for varicose veins, water retention, heavy or tired legs. After this treatment you are walking on clouds again!

*Every pedicure includes polishing of your toe nails.

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