Massage with herbal stamps

A herbal stamp massage is an eastern massage that comprises getting massaged with herbal stamps. The herbs contain cleansing, activating and relaxing elements. The stamps are bound in a cotton pouch and are kept warm throughout the treatment.

First, the stamps are warmed using steam. The heat opens the skin pores during the stamping. This allows the herbs to find their way into the body and do their work. The heat optimizes the circulation of the blood and stimulates the metabolism. In addition, the herbs' aromas have a healing and relaxing effect. The treatment not only nurtures and cleanses the skin but does the same for the subcutaneous tissue.

Recommended and applied in case of:

  • Muscle strains and joint pains;
  • Stress;
  • Weariness;
  • Lethargy;     

Hotstone massage

A hotstone massage is an intense and deep heat massage, relaxing both body and mind. For this treatment, rounded basalt rocks are placed on particular energy spots of the body. Basalt rocks form from the hot lava of an erupting volcano. The rocks harden and then weather in the open. An important characteristic of basalt rocks is their high density that ensures that they stay warm for a long time. The stones heat up to a temperature of 45-55 °C. The warmth penetrates deeply into the muscles and the pressure exerted on them creates a stretching effect. By means of oil, the stones can smoothly slide over the skin during the massage. The massage itself consists of gentle circular movements, alternately with and without stones.

Recommended and applied in case of:

  • Blockages in the body;
  • Stress;
  • Muscular problems;

 Classic massage

The classic massage, also known as Swedish massage, equals relaxation of muscles, skin and mind. This treatment is especially recommended when feeling stressed, to relax tense/blocked muscles, to treat headachesor whiplash or for general relaxation purposes. For this treatment, essential oils and warm cloths are used to make (painful or blocked) muscles flexible again. The massage will reduce complaints on a physical, mental and emotional level.

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