RainPharma diet

The RainPharma diet is “made in Belgium 100%” and represents a healthy global approach.It is an effective weight loss program that combines healthy food, RainPharma dietary supplements and special RainShakes with professional nutritional advice provided to you by a dietician or a recognized nutrition consultant.

The RainPharma diet helps you slimming down sensibly. Without overcroping your body or starving yourself, with respect for your intestines and kidneys. On top of that, it should be quite easy to keep your newly acquired weight. This diet is intended for critical consumers, who want to lose 5 to 50 kilos.

What's the difference compared to a classic protein diet?

Protein diets are still extremely popular because they result in fast weight loss.

At RainPhrama, we believe in the stimulating results of a classic protein diet.However, we question the composition of many existing products and the short-term results envisioned by some protein diets.That is why we developed The RainDiet. It is the only current alternative that is really healthy and gives sustainable results without putting your kidneys and general health at stake.The RainPharmashakes have a uniquecomposition. They are gluten and casein-free, and therefore bowel friendly. In addition, the diet incorporates exceptional orthomolecular food supplements that give you a healthy energy boost and optimize your skin quality. During the entire diet, the emphasis is on healthy food.

First and foremost, the RainPharma diet is a philosophy of life, not only a way to slim down!

How do we get started?

During a thorough intake interview you get all the information and products (Rainbox + recipe book) you need to start the program.First, we discuss the slimming period from A to Z: We walk through your daily schedules, which vegetables you can eat, whether you can eat fish and meat and at what time of the day you should drink your shakes.We also determine what you can eat when you are in a restaurant or on vacation and we measure you weight and fat percentage for the first time.Afterwards, youcan get startedwiththediet. Ten days later, we executethesamemeasurementsagain. Once you have nearly reached your desired body weight (maximum of 12 weeks), the redemption period starts.In this phase, you gradually resume eating quite common, healthy food.

In this phase new rules apply, and the weight measurements are done on a weekly basis. After the redemption period (maximum of 9 weeks) your weightstabilizes, and we teach you a healty food pattern combined with extra strict check-ups to help you keep the newly acquired weight.


The Rainpharma diet box coste € 450 and consists of 5 big jars of Rainshakes, food supplements for at least two months and a whole year of professional guidance by Kaliso.

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